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Définition : Ancien établissement romain, dans le Dorset.


Extrait de la carte Ordnance Survey : Roman Britain.



* Eliert Ekwall, p. 21 : 

"Baddanbyrig 901 ASC, Baderi (hd) 1182. " ... may suggest that Badda was a legendary hero, who was associated with ancient camps".


* Rivet & Smith, p. 500 : 


- AI 4835 (Iter XII : by error of the copyist) : VINDOGLADIA

- AI 48614 (Iter XV) : VINDOCLADIA

- Ravenna 10617 (= R&C 38) : BINDOGLADIA

Confusions of c/g are common in our texts; it is noteworthy that the copyist of AI was not consistent even within his own work. Ravenna also has this error, and has Vulgar Latin b for v, as often.

DERIVATION. The name is British *Uindocladia. For *uindo-, see VINDOBALA. The second element has a base in British *clad- 'to dig' or *clado- 'ditch' (Welsh clawdd 'ditch'), literally 'that which is dug'; hence for the whole name, 'white ditches', with reference to defences cut in chalk (Jackson, Britannia, I (1970), 81).

IDENTIFICATION. The Roman settlement at the road-junction beside the Iron Age hill-fort of Badbury Rings, Dorset (ST 9603), from which the name was derived.


* A.D Mills : "Probably stronghold of a man called Badda".

Formes bretonnes anciennes : ?


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