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Nemeto Statio ?


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Definition : fort romain de Nemeto Statio, en Angleterre, comte de Devon.


Extrait de : Map of Roman Britain; Ordnance Survey



A. Nemeto Statio

* A.L.F Rivet & C. Smith, p. 424-425 : 


- Ravenna 10547 : NEMETOTACIO; variante NEMETOTATIO.

DERIVATION. For *nemeto-, see AQUAE ARNEMETIAE; and for the second element or word, DERVENTIO-STATIO. While this is strongly preferable, another possibility should not be wholly dismissed. Starting from textual Nemetotatio, one might suppose scribal removal of a suspected dittography in an original *Nemeto-totatio or *Nemet(t)otatio. Teutates was an important Celtic deity whose name probably meant 'ruler of the people' (Irish tuath 'tribe, people'). In Britain he seems to have been mostly a war-god equated with Mars, as in RIB 219, 1017. His name was often written Toutatis, Totatis (examples in Holder II.1895; Toutati, dative in RIB 219). There is, then, nothing unlikely about the appearance of the name of this god in the second place of the present compound, with a meaning for the whole of  'sacred grove of Teutatis".

IDENTIFICATION. Probably the Roman fort at North Tawton, Devon (SX 6699).

Note. On the Nymet ad Nemet names which survive in the area of the present name and may preserve a memory of it, see AQUAE ARNEMETIA.


B. North Tawton :

- Eilert Ekwall : 'Tawetone, DB, Chepintauton, 1199 Obl; Nortauton, 1264 Ipm. The name is generally held to be related to Welsh taw 'silent', the meaning being 'the silent river'. But, more likely it belongs to the root teva, teu 'to swell' in Sanskrit tavas 'strong' ( = powerful river)'.

- A.D. Mills : 'farmstead or village on the River Taw'. Celtic river-name (possibly 'strong or silent stream') + OE tun. Tawton, North & South : Tawetone, Tavetone, 1086 DB'.


* Eilert Ekwall : The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names. Clarendon Press. Oxford. 1936 - 1960 - 1980

* A.L.F Rivet & Colin Smith : The Place-names of Roman Britain. B.T Batsford Ltd. London. 1979 / 1982.

* A.D Mills : Oxford Dictionary of British Place Names. Oxford University Press. 1991 - 2003.

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