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Plumpton Wall

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Old Penrith



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Définition : Angleterre; comté de Cumberland. Ancien camp romain 



Extrait de la carte Ordnance Survey : Map of Roman Britain.


Étymologie :


* Rivet & Smith, p. 508 : 


- Inscription : RIB 920, an altar from Old Penrith ot Brougham dedicated by the VEX(ILLATIO) GERMA(NO)R(UM) V(O)R(E)D(ENSIUM)

- AI 467,3 (Iter II ) : VOREDA

- Ravenna 107,10 (= R&C 128) : BEREDA

DERIVATION. Jackson in Britannia, I (1970), 82, gives a British *Uoreda 'horse-stream', based on *uorêdo-' horse' (Welsh gorwydd 'horse'). This was one of the meanings offered by Williams, though not quite in this form. Jackson dismisses Williams's other proposal, a meaning 'path, way' like that of Spanish vereda, but it is interesting to note that the two arein fact connected. It seems that Gaulish *ueredos (identical with the British word) was borrowed into Latin as veredus ' post-horse' (veredarius 'courier', paraveredus > palfrey); in Hispanic Low Latin vereda (first recorded A.D. 757) was taken from this in the sense of 'path', and is known in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese (with place-names derived from it: Vereia, Brea, Breda, etc.). Ravenna's form Bereda is hardly likely to show knowledge of this Hispanic word, but results from scribal assimilation of the vowels, together with Vulgar Latin b for v.

IDENTIFICATION. The Roman fort at Old Penrith, Plumpton Wall, Cumberland (NY 4938), beside the river Petteril (whose namc is of uncertain origin, Ekwall ERN).

B. Old Penrith :


C. Plumpton Wall

Armoiries; blason



- Ordnance Survey : Map of Roman Britain. Third Edition.

- Eilert EKWALL : The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names. Fourth.Edition. Clarendon Press. 1980.

- A.L.F RIVET & Colin SMITH : The Place-Names of Roman Britain. Batsford. 1979.

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