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East Happrew


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Définition : Établissement britto-romain Carbantoritum, en Écosse, comté de Peeblesshire, sur la Lyne Water.


Extrait de la carte Map of Roman Britain, de Ordnance Survey




* A.L.F Rivet & C. Smith, p 300-301  

- Ptolemée, II,3,6 : Karbantorigon ( = Carbantorigum), une ville des Selgovae; variante : Karbantoridon ( = Carbantoridum)

- Ravenna, 10733 : Carbantum.

Ravenna's form is merely garbled. In Ptolemy's it seems likely that there bas been a confusion of capitals, G for T (R&C) ; restoration to Carbantoritum gives a good form and the best sense. However, it should be noted that Ptolemy's -rigon bas bcen taken by some at face-value, by Holder I. 782, by Ellis Evans GPN 248 (he places it among the *rig- 'king' names), and also by Watson CPNS 35 (he cites Welsh rhiw 'slope', comparing Fan na Carpat 'slope of the chariots' at Tara in Ireland, which obviously makes very good senseé).

DERIVATION. Carbantoritum is 'wagon-ford, chariot-ford'. For -ritum, see ANDERITUM. Continental analogues for the first élement include Carbantorate Meminorum > Carpentras (Vaucluse, France) and Carbantia AI 340,4 now Balzola in N. Italy, which it has been suggested is properly *Carbantio-briga 'fortress of Carbantios'. The base is British *carbanto- wagon, chariot', cognate with Irish carpat; the similar Gaulish word was taken into Latin as carpentum, its p for b (shown also in many records of Gaulish Carbantorate) being explained as due to the voiceless -t- of the next syllable.

IDENTIFICATION. Probably the Roman fort at Easter Happrew, Peeblesshire (NT 1940) on the Lyne Water, just above its confluence with the Tweed. It is possible that the name was transferred to the fort at Lyne (NT 1840) which replaced the fort at Easter Happrew in late Flavian and Antonine times.


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- Ordnance Survey : 

a) Map of roman Britain

b) Map of Antonine's wall.

-A.L.F Rivet & Colin Smith : The Place-names of Roman Britain. Batsford Ltd. 1979-1982 

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