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Cymru - Wales




Glamorgan / Morgannwg


Neath *** Nedd


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Définition : forteresse romaine de l'île de Bretagne; aujourd'hui Neath / Nedd, en Glamorgan / Morgannwg. 


Extrait de la carte Ordnance Survey : Map of Roman Britain. 


Extrait de la carte Bartholomew One Inch Map Series. Pembroke, n° 11 

Histoire; Archéologie.

* Wales Tourist Board (1976) : 

NEATH : " In 1949, excavations for a new estate to rehouse some of this historic, mediaeval-style town's 29,000 people, revealed the long-suspected Roman fort of Nidum. The site - unfortunately little remains above ground - can be found on A465 immediately opposite Dwryfelin Comprehensive School. The substantial remains of a Norman castle are still to be seen -and a Cistercian Abbey founded in 1129 can be reached along Neath Abbey Road. Today, Neath is a busy, industrial town. At Cilfrew, 2 miles north-west off the A465 Glyn Neath Road, is the Penscynor Wildlife Park. The Park, open to the public (admission charge), is set in 11 acres of elevated land. Penscynor is the dream come true of Idris Hale. Having travelled and filmed nature, he wanted to bring to Wales many of the exotic birds to live and breed. The birds have as much freedom as possible, many being allowed to fly free. There are touracos, parrots, parrakeets, doves, macaws, cockatoos, birds of prey, lorys, pheasants, waterfowl, penguins, humming birds and flamingoes, cranes, peacocks, herons, sunbirds, as well as a wide variety of animals and fish".



Extrait de Wales Tourist Board. 1976

attaque menée conjointement (d'ouest en est) : Robert de Belesme, Robert Fitzhamon, Bernard de Neufmarche, Roger de Belesme





* Rivet & Smith (1979) : 

- Itinéraire d'Antonin, 4822 (Iter XII) : Nido;

DERIVATION. There are Nida rivers listed by Ravenna 6038 and 6234, now the Nidda (tributary of the Main) and Nied (tributary of the Saar) in Germany. Jackson in Britannia, I (1970), 77, notes that Neath in Welsh is Nedd, both town and river, which derives from a feminine *Nida; hence this was the original name of the river, and derivative Nidum that of the fort or settlement. The Nidd river in Yorkshire has the same origin. Pokorny 761 has a root *neid-*nid- 'fliBen, strömen', and cites Sanskrit nedati 'fliBt, stromt' as derived from it, together with the European river-names; but there is a grave lack of derivatives and cognates, and the name remains somewhat obscure.

IDENTIFICATION. The Roman fort at Neath, Glamorgan (SS 7497).

Signification étymologique incertaine et non résolue.


* A.D Mills (1991-2003) : '(Castell-Nedd) Neat. Neth 1191, Neeth 1306. '(Place on the) River Neath'. The Celtic river name perhaps means 'shining one'. The Welsh name means 'castle on the Nedd'.

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