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La riviere Naver


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Définition : rivière d'Ecosse, dans le comté de Sutherland.



* Rivet & Smith (1979-1982) : 



* Ptolemy II, 3, I : Nabarou potamon ekbolai (= NABARI FLUVII OSTIA); vars. Nabaiou (=NABAEI), Nauaiou (=NAUAEI)

DERIVATION. Watson CPNS 47 suggests a root in *nabh- as found in Greek nefos 'cloud, mass of clouds', vefele 'cloud; mist, fog', Latin nubes 'cloud' and Sanskrit nabhas 'wet cloud', perhaps applied to mist rising from the river. Holder II. 670 adds a mention of Old Irish nabhanù 'spring'. This is found not uncommonly in ancient river-names over a wide area. There might be another Nabarus in south-west Britain (see Naurum). Abroad there were Nablis > Naab, a tributary of the Danube in Bavaria; Nabalia now the Leck, the northern mouth of the Rhine; Nabantia near Coimbra (Portugal); and Nebrissa > Lebrija (Sevilla, Spain). The British name is preserved in that of the modem river Naver, in Gaelic Nabhar. The name bas the common water-suffix *-ar(a), for which see LEUCARUM. It is not wholly certain — given b/v confusions in Latin sources - that this name and others in Nab- are to be separated from Nav- in Navio, etc., for which a different etymology is proposed.

IDENTIFICATION. The river Naver, Sutherland.


Bibliographie :

* A.L.F Rivet & Colin Smith : The Place-Names of Roman Britain. B.T Batsford Ltd. London. 1979. Edition 1982.

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